About Cryovac


About CryovacCryoVac Gesellschaft für Tieftemperaturtechnik mbH & Co KG resp. Cryovac low temperature technologies inc. was founded in January 1975 in Troisdorf near Cologne, Germany. Its purpose was and still remains to be the development and manufacturing of cryogenic and vacuum equipment for research and industrial applications.

 Nowadays, as a result of 25 years of building the widest range of cryogenic and vacuum components, Cryovac instruments and plants which are in operation in numerous laboratories across Europe have firmly established our reputation for high quality.

 Current product range (excerpt):

  • Helium Bath Cryostats
  • KONTI* Cryostats
  • Closed Cycle Refrigerators
  • Portable and Larger 3He Cryostats
  • Lines and Transfer Tubes for Liquified Gasses
  • Cryopumps
  • Temperature Measurement, Control Instruments and Temp. Sensors
  • Helium Recovery Systems 

*continuous flow

In addition, CryoVac offers a range of low temperature equipment from reliable manufacturers - standalone instruments as well as parts of larger cryogenic plants such as:

  • Superconducting Magnets and Control Units
  • Cryogenic Liquid Level Meters and Controllers
  • Cryogenic Equipment
  • Vacuum Equipment

CryoVac's R & D department is ready to help you in solving your particular cryogenic problem, no matter if it is the dimensioning of a transfer line, the performing of a thermal study for an industrial plant, the designing of a turn-key automatic cryogenic measurement system or any other cryogenic / vacuum project.

From the beginning CryoVac's particular skill was the development and manufacturing of custom designed cryogenic and vacuum systems of highest quality and so will be in the future...