KONTI-Cryostats are supplied continously by specially designed transfer tubes out of a He-tank. As there is no need for a He-bath these systems are small and compact. Furthermore they can be used nearly towards every orientations. The main advantage of these cryostats is their wide temperature range. Depending on the type of cryostat they can reach temperatures between 3,5 K and 800 K.

Application: REM with electrical prober

  • continous flow cryostat

  • temperature range 3,5-325 K

  • vacuum system <10 -7 mbar

  • temperature stability < 0,1 K

  • sample in vacuum

  • mounted on high resulution x-y-z stage

  • hand or motor driven

  • x/y/z movement ±12,5 mm

  • rotation ± 5° (depends on REM-stage)

Konti-Cryostat on X/Y/Z travel stage
with 3 micro probers, each on motorized
x/y stage with z-piezo


  • LHe-transfer tubes (L- or U-shaped, semiflexible)

  • temperature measurement and control unit

  • contactgas-block valve

  • He-gas block valve

  • He-gas vacuum pump

  • HV-vacuum pump unit

Konti-Cryostat on X/Y/Z travel stage
for cathodic luminescence