| ETF11Minimum electron energy ca. 20 eV (depending on the magnetic fields of the environment)

| ETF15The bipolar setup allows to use the spectrometer either as a electron tof spectrometer with time-of-flight resolution T/ΔT > 100 or as a sensitive time-of-flight mass spectrometer with mass resolution M/ΔM > 300

| ETF20The ETF20 electron tof spectrometer is optimized for electron energies > 1000 eV. Conventional electron tof spectrometers (like our model ETF11) are difficult to operate in the high energy range because the time-of-flights can get very short (< 10 ns).

| OFT12Orthogonal extraction reflectron time-of-flight spectrometer OFT12, overall length ca. 900 mm, angle between in- and outgoing ion beam ca. 8°, field free drift length ca. 900 mm, two-stage ion reflector for second order energy focusing.

| Reflectron_CTF10Compact angled reflectron with two-stage ion mirror, optimized for very high sensitivity at medium to low mass resolution, (folded) field free drift space with overall length 380 mm

| Reflectron_CTF5Small angled reflectron with two-stage ion mirror, electron impact ionisation, (folded) field-free drift space with 395 mm overall length

| Reflectron_ILR10Сompact in-line reflectron with two-stage ion mirror, (folded) field free drift space with overall length 630 mm, large two-stage mcp (40 mm diameter) with central hole

| Reflectron_RFT10Our standard model RFT10 time-of-flight mass spectrometer is an extremely versatile instrument which is used in many different areas of research. The analyzed ions can originate from almost any ionisation process

| Reflectron_RFT50Reflectron RFT50 with electron impact ionisation, ion source mounted on flange opposite to the reflectron mounting flange, second detector with 20 kV post-acceleration behind the ion mirror