Agilent 5420 AFM 

5420AFMBased on the popular Agilent 5400 AFM, the 5420 has been re-engineered to provide lower noise, better performance, and greater versatility. Featuring a new ergonomic design and improved electronics, this scientific-grade microscope delivers atomic-scale resolution at a remarkably affordable price.

The 5420 offers a simple cost-effective upgrade program that includes choice of open loop and closed loop scanners, STM scanner, MACMode & MACMode III and temperature control

In addition, the 5420 offers users new electrical single-pass microscopy (ESPM) mode, which enables high-resolution KFM/EFM and PFM, as well as scanning microwave microscopy (SMM) mode, which allows highly sensitive calibrated electrical and spatial characterization.

Instrument features:

  • Scientific-grade instrument delivers atomic resolution
  • New design provides improved performance
  • New electronics and techniques offer high-resolution KFM/EFM
  • Cost-effective platform offers simple upgrade path