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Atomic force microscope

Keysight | 5100_AFMThe Agilent 5100 AFM/SPM microscope is a high-resolution system that provides excellent imaging capabilities in an easy-to-upgrade package. It is ideal for polymer, general surface characterization and materials applications. The Agilent 5100 AFM/SPM micr

Keysight | 5420_AFMBased on the popular Agilent 5400 AFM, the 5420 has been re-engineered to provide lower noise, better performance, and greater versatility. The 5420 offers a simple cost-effective upgrade program that includes choice of open loop and closed loop scanners,

Keysight | 5500_AFMThe Agilent 5500 AFM/SPM microscope offers numerous unique features, such as patented top-down scanning and unrivalled environmental and temperature control, while providing maximum flexibility and modularity. The universal microscope base permits easy in

Keysight | 5600LS_AFMThe modular Agilent 5600LS is the world’s finest commercially available AFM system that allows imaging of both large samples (in air) and small samples (in air, or in liquid under temperature control) with a 9μm scanner. The 5600LS utilizes the largest fu

Keysight | 6000ILM_AFMThe Agilent 6000ILM AFM seamlessly integrates the capabilities of an atomic force microscope (AFM) with those of an inverted light microscope (ILM) or an inverted confocal microscope. The stable, robust mechanical design of the 6000ILM minimizes nonlinear

Keysight | 8500-FE-SEMThe Agilent 8500 FE-SEM is a compact system that offers researchers a field emission scanning electron microscope (FE-SEM) right in their own laboratory. The innovative 8500 has been optimized for low-voltage imaging, extremely high surface contrast and r