6 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator



The Manipulator with Helium Cryostat is a versatile, open cycle system that has many applications in ultra-high vacuum research. The manipulator is a high precision, high rigidity, UHV specimen manipulator of modular construction, suitable for a range of X, Y and Z linear motions and R1, R2 and R3 rotations. The modular construction means that the specification can be upgraded or modified by the addition or replacement of well-defined modules.


The 6 Axes Manipulators are used for manipulating sample holders and scientific tools with respect to a sample’s position. These manipulators, when combined with sample holders, allow precise placement and manipulation of samples in UHV environments. The manipulators themselves move the sample in three orthogonal axes, X, Y, and Z while the rotary drives provide R1, R2 and R3 rotations around the Z and Y axes. They can work in any orientation.


• Full motorisation

• Full software control

• Helium recovery system

• Possibility to mount an angular device for PES calibration

Technical data

Positional control X, Y Micrometer or stepper motor
Positional control Z Handwheel or stepper motor
Positional control R1 Stepper motor
Positional control R2 Stepper motor
Positional control R3 Stepper motor
Pressure range: to 10-11mbar
Sample cooling temperature down to 7K
Operating temperature -25°C to +60°C
Bakeout temperature 150°C
Standard base flange DN 100CF or DN 160CF
XY range ± 8.0 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised) 5 μm / 1 μm
Z range up to 500 mm
Resolution (manual/motorised) 1 mm / standard 10 μm(1 μm on request)
R1 range ± 180° or 360°
Resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R2 range 360° - continuous
Resolution (motorised) 0.1°
R3 Range -10° to 10° 
Resolution (motorised) 0.1°