Analytical Chambers



Analytical chambers are designed for applications requiring the investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces, thin films and nanomaterials.

They typically have numerous UHV ports for the connection of various types of analytical and spectroscopic instrumentation. Our standard versatile analytical chambers provide enough ports and facilities for most current and future requirements but we will also be happy to fabricate to your individual specifications.


Analytical chambers are equipped with a range of UHV ports of various standard sizes. 
They are designed typically for base pressures between 1x10-10 mbar and 1x10-11 mbar.

Fabrication is from mu-metal (B<0,5μT inside) or stainless steel as required.
 Analytical chambers are typically equipped with:

• Precision manipulator

• Pumping system (TMP, TSP with cryocooling, Ion)

• Viewports

• Pressure gauges

• Different types of analysers

• Ion, electron, ultraviolet, X-ray sources etc.