Bakeout Control Unit BCU14



The BCU14 Bakeout Control Unit is a microprocessor controlled device for independent control of either two heating zones of a vacuum system or a single heating zone and a sample heater inside e.g. a preparation chamber. Heating operation for either one sample and one chamber or for two chambers is factory pre-set and cannot be modified by the user. An additional option allows the customer to independently control other non-regulated heaters such as those used for ion pumps.

The unit is also fully PC software and mobile application controlled, so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.


The main tasks of the BCU14 are regulation and stabilization of (i) the power supplied to the heaters in order to achieve a required bakeout temperature in any given zone, and (ii) parallel control of unregulated heaters (on valves, ion pumps, etc.).    Target temperature, bake time and ramp times are all user-defined.

Additional information

 The BCU14 Bakeout Control Unit controller can be supplied in a 3HE 19” enclosure unit with steering power components (one or two units - 2 heat zones per unit) or for 19” rack mounting with external power components.


Full dedicated software application or library module.

Other Features

  • Easy firmware upgrade via USB,
  • Instruction by video movie integrated on TFT display,
  • Configurable user interface,
  • Power failure procedures,
  • Configurable interlocks,
  • Independent fans control system,
  • Sensor break protection,
  • Additional output signals to control external units.

Technical data

Supply voltage 230VAC(L+N+PE, 2L+PE) or 3x400V(3L+N+PE)
Temperature range control Room temperature up to 1200°C
Max power 35kW max up to configuration
Regulation metdod Fully automated based on PID algorithm
Measurement accuracy ± 1°C
User interface 6,5” TFT display with touchscreen
Interlocks/Triggers Fully isolated, one for each zone + common
Number of control zones 2 independent
Timers 2 independent for each zone
Operation modes Timer, manual (timer counter)
Process parameters Time, temperature, RAMP
Communication interface (in standard) RS232, EtherNet/IP
Dimensions [mm]

448.8 x 132.5 x 435 (W x H x D) 19" rack mountable or desktop device

Net weight 9 kg
Weight, approx 11 kg