Differently Pumped Rotary Feedthrough



The Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough provides 360° of continuous rotary freedom through the vacuum wall of a UHV system. The feedthrough has two stages of differential pumping isolated by graphite-impregnated, expanded viton seals on special sealing surfaces. A preloaded ball bearing set accurately controls the rotating stage position.


The Differentially Pumped Rotary Feedthrough can be combined with manipulators and any other precision positioning devices.

Additional information

The feedthroughs are equipped with worm drive fine adjust providing fine angle adjustment. They are available with an anti-backlash stepper motor.

Technical data

Resolution (handwheel/

motorised/optically controlled)

Operating temperature –20 to +60°C
Bakeout temperature 150°C
Positional control Handwheel or
stepping motor


Base flange DN 40CF
Base flange DN 63CF
Base flange DN 100CF
Base flange DN 160CF
Base flange DN 200CF