Effusion Cell EF 40C1


EF 40C1 Effusion Cell (Knudsen Cell) is a source designed for indirect resistive heating and delivering highly constant evaporation rates.


  • Integrated manual shutter
  • Extremely stable flux rates
  • Various crucible materials
  • Highly reproducible & reliable
  • Suitable for use in any MBE system
  • Mo free construction (allows high outgassing temperatures)
  • Integral water cooling
  • Software control (basic version)


  • Software extension – can be integrated with RAPID SE
  • Customised insertion length
  • With or without integrated manual/electro-pneumatic shutter
  • Linear shift


Technical data

Mounting flange: Rotatable, DN 40CF  
Bakeout temperature: 250°C  
Water cooling: Required
Insertion length: min. 114mm (other on request) OD: 35 mm
Spot size: Dependent on working distance
Temperature range:   ~250° - 1500°C  
crucible type PBN, Al2O3, Quartz (other materials on request)
Crucibles volume:   5cc for the medium temperature cell
Evaporated materials All typical materials according to crucible type
Thermocouple type:   Type C, Type K
Degassing temp.:   1600°C, Degassing without water: 500°C
Temperature stability: ± 1°C