Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS



Power supply operated by completely intuitive touch screen with dual mode heating (resistive and electron bombardment) and high efficiency of 1000 W in 3U package.


  • dual heating mode: RESISTIVE and ELECTRON BOMBARDMENT
  • wide range temperature measurement  (1.4-2470 K)
  • high efficiency
  • setpoint based over voltage and over current output protection
  • fully manual or PID temperature controlled (by setpoint and ramp)
  • universal worldwide PFC power supply (100-250 VAC)
  • various communication interfaces avaliable on demand (only one applicable): RS232/485, USB, Bluetooth, EthernetIP
  • multiple I/O (10 digital / 4 analog) - individual reprogrammable
  • high resolution (16-bit analog I/O, 0.1 K temp.)
  • one vacuum channel for most active gauges
  • various kind of temperature sensors (thermocouple, Pt, diode)
  • intuitive and user friendly GUI (by 6.5” touchscreen )
  • mobile solutions for remote access and control
  • WEB enabled
  • customised menu options (for robust and effectivity)
  • multiple languages
  • support (easy firmware update via USB, RJ45 remote control service port)


  • any thermal process according to the specifications
  • effusion cells supply
  • sample holders heatings
  • thermal monitoring
  • high performance PID controller supporting


Full dedicated software application or library module.

Technical data

Supply voltage 100V-250V, 50/60Hz specify at time of order
Resistance heating power 10A, 40V, max power 400W - standard, other versions on request
Electron bombardment heating power 1000V, 300mA, max power 300W standard, other versions on request
Temperature range

273.15K-2473.15K for type C thermocouple (dependent on sample holder type or evaporator)

73.15K-1645.15K for type K thermocouple (dependent on sample holder type and conditions in chamber)

1.4-500K for DT670/DT470 silicon diodes (dependent on sample holder type and conditions in chamber)

Temperature measurement

Two independent thermocouple inputs support type C or type K thermocouples (other thermocouple on request)

Two independent inputs for silicon diodes DT670/DT470 (option)

Temperature control Process temperature control with built-in PID Controller
Process parameters PID controller finds optimized process PID parameters with autotuning function
Ramp heating Ramp function protects the sample against overheating. Temperature setpoint ramp rate is adjustable from 0.1°/h to 1000°/s
Temp. ramp stabilization Adjustable from -5.0°/s to 5.0°/s
Vacuum measurement Compatible transmitters: CTR90/91, TTR90, TTR211/216, PTR225/237, PTR90, ITR90, ITR100, MKS870b, MKS937, PG105, (with PGA13 amplifier only)
Communication interface* (option) RS232/485/422, USB, EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth
Dimensions [mm] 448.8 x 132.5 x 375 mm (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable or stand alone (for standard version)
Weight, approx 8.8 kg (for standard version)

* Only one communications interface can be used at a same time. Please specify at time of order.