Molecular Beam Epitaxy



Prevac MBE systems are field-proven research devices for ultra-pure and precise growth of compound materials.
The MBE Control Module is our dedicated, easy to use software package for long term, stable control of MBE growth processes.

Our application includes:

  • PLC control module for controlling water cooling circuit, air flush circuit and evaporator shutter mechanisms
  • Quartz balance module for film thickness measurement and deposition rate monitoring
  • Sample manipulator module for precision control of sample position
  • Sample shutter manipulator module
  • Evaporator shutter process control editor which allows the user to define shutter open/close time with 1 ms resolution
  • Power supply modules
  • Prevac MBE systems deliver excellent material quality together with system design flexibility.
  • Systems are delivered to exact customer requirements and include options to integrate ellipsometry, pyrometry, residual gas analyzers and reflectance spectroscopy techniques.


Our MBE tools are the most economical and versatile systems currently available for research and product development.


  • Full graphics user interface of the complete tool
  • Save and recall of all device parameters and settings
  • Various user and administrator access levels
  • Continuous and discreet monitoring of selected parameters or measured values
  • Continuous and discreet recording of selected parameters or measured values
  • Graphical interpretation of measured values or selected parameters


PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 operating system installed.