PTS 1000 IR RES/C-K sample holder



The PTS 1000 IR RES/C-K Sample Holder is designed specifically for optical transmission spectroscopy (IR, UV) over the temperature range –170°C to 1000°C. The sample mounting table is made from molybdenum. The holder is compatible with the PTS receiving stations and can operate as a standard sample holder over the temperature range when not being used for optical transmission measurements.


Transmission mode measurements in infrared chamber. Reflective mode measurements in infrared chamber. All other standard experiments over the temperature range.


Temperature Range: –170°C to 1000°C Thermocouple: To match exact configuration – all types possible. Sample BIAS current measurements possible.

Additional information

Sample holder is supplied and regulated by HEAT3-PS Power Supply.
The sample mounting table can be made from copper and then temperature range is -180°C to 600°C.