PTS 1000 RES/C-K sample holder



The PTS 1000 RES/C-K sample holder has indirect (resistive) sample heating up to 1000°C and cooling to –170°C. The PTS 1000 RES/C-K is our most popular sample holder. The sample mounting table is made from molybdenum and the holder is compatible with the standard PTS receiving stations.


Wide range of experiments.


Temperature Range: –170°C to 1000°C. Thermocouple: K. To match exact configuration – all types possible. Sample BIAS current measurements possible.

Additional information

As an option we also offer the sample holder PTS 600 RES/C-K Cu which has a copper sample mounting table. This is designed specifically for applications where cooling is more important than heating. Temperature range is –180°C to 600°C. The sample holder is supplied and regulated by HEAT3-PS Power Supply.