PTS CLEAV RES/C-K sample holder



The PTS CLEAV RES/C-K is specifically designed for sample cleaving. It features indirect sample heating up to 600°C (1000°C special option) and cooling down to –180°C. Samples can be cleaved (multiple cuts, variable cut height) under UHV conditions in the dedicated Cleaver Chamber. The sample mounting table is manufactured from copper. The holder is compatible with the standard PTS receiving stations and therefore samples can be prepared and directly transferred from preparation to cleave chamber, and subsequently to analysis chambers. A simplified version is available with BIAS current measurement but without heating or cooling.


Cleaving of hard (e.g. pyrite) and soft materials.


Temperature Range: –180°C to 600°C (1000°C special option) Thermocouple: To match exact configuration – all types possible. Sample BIAS current measurements possible.
Sample size: 5x5 mm, min. height 6 mm

Additional information

Sample holder is supplied and regulated by HEAT3-PS Power Supply.