Multichamber ARPES UHV system [project 042]



The ARPES system is a customised multi-chamber UHV sys­tem for the investigation of physical properties (electronic band structure) of high temperature super­conductors.


Multi-chamber system designed around a central radial distribution chamber with attached analytical chamber and auxiliary chambers that fulfill the demands of sample transportation under true UHV conditions (pres­sure <10-10mbar). The base pressure in the analytical chambers is < 5*10-11mbar.

  • Multi-technique analytical chamber integrating various surface analysis methods; Monochromatic UV Photoelectron Spectroscopy (UPS) and LEED. Sample positioning is via a stable, high precision, 5 axis mani­pulator with all axes motorised for automatic surface mapping. The sample receiving station is equipped with a closed cycle helium cryostat that allows temperature variation over the range 10 K to 400 K. The mu-metal chamber  is equipped with a hemisperical analyser incorporating 2D detector with  energy resolution better then 0.5 meV and also incorporates a  monochromatic UV source and a LEED system. The flexible design allows for easy modification to meet fu­ture scientific demands
  • The system is designed so that it can be used in the laboratory as well as on a synchrotron beam line. The analyser is mounted horizontally and can be easily ro­tated by 90 degrees. The frame has easy height and x-y adjustment for quick and easily reproduced alignment
  • Single level preparation chamber equipped with ion source and mass spectrometer and numerous ports for future expansion
  • Load lock chamber for loading up to six samples with internal bakeout facility
  • Storage chamber for 6 sample holders