System for investigation of interfacial phenomena of liquid metals in the contact with solids [project 052]



System designed for studies of thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformation:

  • Investigation of factors affecting stability and reactivi­ty of materials in different environments
  • Studies of high temperature liquid state phenomena (wettability, spreading, infiltration, interfacial reaction)
  • Measurements of contact angle, surface tension and density of molten materials at 20-2000°C under vacuum or protective atmosphere using a sessile drop method
  • Determination of thermal expansion/shrinkage of li­quid and semi-liquid materials during heating/cooling


The system is characterised by the following features:

  • Vacuum chamber for first stage sample preparation by preheating in vacuum up to 200°C in order to remo­ve adsorbed gases
  • Distribution chamber for sample transfer equipped with dedicated manipulator for samples of different size and various shape
  • Auger spectroscopy for surface characterisation of examined materials before and after high temperature studies or special treatment
  • Experimental chamber for high temperature studies of materials in solid, semi-solid or molten states, containing an experimental table with rotation and vertical movement, heater and moveable screens and  additional windows for observation and recording
  • Storage chamber
  • Residual gas analyser

System capabilities:

  • Classical sessile drop method, improved sessile drop method (dispensed drop, capillary purification techni­que)
  • Transferred drop (sandwich method, double plates me­thod)
  • Pendant drop
  • Maximum temperature 2000°C
  • Vacuum up to 10-7 hPa or protective atmosphere
  • Flowing gas with controlled rate at required level of pressure inside vacuum chamber
  • Controlled heating of examined paired materials
  • Independent loading system
  • Automatic real-time control of chemical composition of atmosphere during tests
  • Automatic real-time control of temperatureControl of chemical surface of examined samples be­fore, during and after tests