Multichamber ESCA UHV system [project 053]



Customized multi chamber UHV system dedicated for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces in wide temperature and pressure ranges.


Multi-chamber system designed for investigations and modifications of solid surfaces by different methods under very well controlled conditions. Central radial distribution chamber with attached analytical chambers and auxiliary chambers fulfill these demands and ensure high quality measurement because the samples are transferred between chambers under UHV pressures (<10-10mbar). The base pressure in the analytical chambers is < 5*10-11 mbar.

  • Multifunctional analytical chamber integrates different measurement methods like standard ESCA, ESCA with lateral resolution < 9μ, AES, ISS and UPS. A high precision, 5 axes manipulator ensures very good positioning of the sample and it is equipped with cryostat for LN2 and a heater for cooling and heating of the sample in a very wide temperature range. The temperature range depends on the sample holders and can vary from -180°C to 2000°C. The chamber is made from mu metal, equipped with hemispherical analyzer and analytical equipment as ion source, electron source, flood gun, X-ray source and prepared for many others. The equipment can be modified according to the customer demands.
  • Variable temperature STM/AFM chamber is mounted on a concrete plate located on a separate frame with a vibration isolation system. The distribution chamber transfer system allows the samples holders to be placed directly in to the STM/AFM receiving station in the same way as manipulators located in others chambers. The chamber is equipped with an electron beam evaporator which can work during the measurements. The chamber has own magazine part for tips and samples, with tip heating station and suitable wobble stick for transportation between the magazine and the STM receiving station.
  • Three levels preparation chamber, equipped with LEED, TDS, ion source, electron beam evaporator, mechanical surface cleaner, and many ports which can be used for future preparation or evaporation devices.
  • Load lock chamber prepared for dust samples pumping, with internal bakeout system.
  • Cleaver chamber for cleaving the samples mounted in suitable sample holder.
  • High pressure chamber for heating up to 650°C and cooling the sample in controlled gas atmosphere under pressure to 2 MPa
  • Sample park chamber for 6 sample holders.
  • To minimize the vibration during AFM/STM measurement all mechanical pumps can be turned off and the vacuum in the system is generated by ion pumps and titanium sublimation pumps only.