Magnetron sputtering system [project 128]



The magnetron sputtering system is dedicated to accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition. It is configured to allow sputtering from both magnetic and non-magnetic target materials alike. The deposition process is fully programmable via dedicated PC software and PLC controller.


The deposition chamber is equipped with numerous ports for diagnostics and ancillary equipment. The seven DN100CF ports located on the bottom of the chamber are occupied by the magnetron sources which are suitable for DC sputtering, RF/pulsed DC sputtering or reactive DC sputtering for the deposition of both metallic and compound layers. The top of the chamber is mechanically hinged providing a large, unobstructed internal working area. The ancillary ports are used to mount:

  • Ion source,
  • Thickness monitor,
  • Additional gas dosing system,
  • Residual Gas Analyzer,
  • Pumping system with TSP pump,
  • CCD camera,
  • Load lock chamber,
  • Manipulator

A two axis motorized manipulator mounts via the top of the chamber and contains two sample receiving stations: one in the focal point and the second over the magnetron. This configuration allows deposition from each magnetron separately or from all magnetrons simultaneously with up to 30 deg. angle.