Quartz Balance QO 40A1


The Quartz Balance QO 40A1 instrument provides a real-time, progressive indication of coating thickness during deposition, allowing the production of coatings of high accuracy and reproducibility. The thickness of both evaporated and sputter coated films can be monitored. The sensor head is a water cooled, non-magnetic housing which is permanently positioned in the vacuum system. The crystal face is parallel to the water cooling feedthrough pipes. The Quartz balance QO 40A1 is mounted on a DN 40CF flange with two Ø6 pipes and Microdot S-50 coaxial connector.


  • Water-colled sensor head
  • Non-magnetic materials
  • Easy exchangeable quartz
  • Software control (basic version)


  • Software extension – can be integrated with RAPID SE
  • Customised insertion length
  • Other quartz balance geometries on request
  • Linear shift


Technical data

Mounting flange: Rotatable, DN 40CF (with two Ø6 pipes)
Bakeout temperature: 250°C
Water cooling: Required
Insertion length: Dependent on specification and geometry of the chamber.
Max. operation temperature: up to 300°C (with water cooling)
Crystal frequency: 6 – 4.8 MHz, 14 mm diameter (industry standard)