Thermal Desorption Spectrometer



Our TDS Control Application allows precise control of Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy processes with fully integrated management of a temperature controller (Eurotherm 2408/3216 or Prevac PID Regulator) and mass spectrometer combination.

It is applicable for both UHV and ambient thermal desorption applications based on choice of mass spectrometer type which can either be a residual gas analyzer (SRS RGA100/200/300) or an atmospheric pressure gas analyzer (SRS QMS100/200/300).

The graphical control interface contains one chart for easy and convenient interpretation of all acquired data and settings of the thermal process. Every segment of the thermal process can be defined to within 1 second accuracy. The Number of segments is unlimited. Segments not yet executed can be edited in real time during the process simply by clicking a selected segment on the graph or via the point editor tab. The TDS Control Application module allows fully functional control of both the mass spectrometer and temperature controller, including data acquisition, graphical display and data storage. The user can edit and control mass scan parameters, including mass number, range, detector type and scan speed. We also include an internal library, or Mass List Editor, from which common species can be conveniently chosen.


  • Customize mass list for trend analysis during thermal desorption experiments
  • Multiple graphical masse views base on all available mass channels
  • RGA Mass List Editor including ready to use definitions
  • Filament on/off as required
  • Save/load thermal process parameters to/from file
  • Thermal process creator with graphical process editor
  • Temperature controller PID parameter table editor for designing material specific thermal experiments
  • Flexible thermal process control: segment start, stop, hold and skip
  • Real-time PID parameter control
  • Multiple graphical thermal process view: thermal program, real-time thermal controller set point, real-time temperature, all chosen RGA mass channels
  • Real-time thermal process printout
  • Software panels for real-time monitoring of other hardware devices
  • Auto-tune mode of PID parameters based on sample thermal characteristic
  • Export of all process data to CSV file
  • Sophisticated project file with PID Table, Mass List and Thermal Process for easy and quick Design Of Experiment
  • Clear graphical data representation
  • Annotation markers to add comments on graph
  • Process results auto-save option
  • Zoom on graph
  • Dual operational modes for time axis – automatic and trace mode

 Hardware compatibility:

  • RGA 100/200/300
  • QMS 100/200/300
  • Thermal controller (Eurotherm 2408/3216 or Prevac PID Regulator)


PC with Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 operating system installed.