Titanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply TSP02-PS



The TSP02-PS Titanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply is configured for constant filament current operation and features a thyristor and phase-control circuit for long-term and trouble-free TSP operation.

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.

Only one communication interface can be chosen at time of order (please refer to table) but this can be easily changed in the future via simple rear panel plugin connection modules, without ever having to access the internals of the unit.


The Titanium Sublimation Pump Controller regulates the quantity of material sublimated from the filaments, compensating for changing conditions and eliminating the need for operator attendance or adjustment. Four filaments can be connected simultaneously, but only one at the time can be operated. To avoid the fracture of the Ti filament due to the thermal stress or the structural change of Ti, ramp time and max. current for each filament can be set. All parameters of each filament can be set individually (max current, ramp time, filament number etc.).

Additional information

4 filament outputs with common ground connection. Low cost. Simple, robust and reliable design, easy to service. All output switching is by semiconductor devices. Low-noise: Complies with EC EMC and LV Directives. Sublimation current settable over the range 5 to 50 A in increments of 1A. Vacuum interlock input. The TSP02-PS is a 19” rack mounted unit (full-width, 3U height).


Full dedicated software application or library module.

Technical data

Operating temp: 10 to 50°C for rated performance
Supply voltage: 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption: 600W max with max current 50A
Output current: Regulated at 5 to 50A RMS x 0.5A in sublimation
5 to 25A RMS x 5A in degas
Output voltage: Determined by the lead – max 10V at 50A
Timing: Sublimation period: 1s to 15 min x 1s
Delay interval: 1min to 99h x 1min
Degas time: 1s to 15 min x 1s
Communication interface* (option) RS232/485/422, USB, EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth
Dimensions [mm] 483 x 133 x 365,2 mm (W x H x D)
Weight, approx 10 kg
* Only one comms interface can be used at any one time and is chosen at time of order. However, this may be swapped/interchanged with any other comms interface at any future date via simple rear panel plug and play swap, without having to access the internals of the unit.