XY Stage



The XY Stage is a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X and Y motions. The standard mounting flange is DN 160CF. A DN 100CF mounting flange version is also available. The translator can work in any orientation


The XY Stages has been designed for ease and convenience of use. X and Y movement is +/- 12.5 mm, depending on the accessories that are fitted. They can also be used to reposition a chamber port with an axis that is parallel to, but slightly off, the desired direction. In this last usage it is sometimes referred to as an XY adjuster and is a very economical alternative to other devices.

Additional information

The XY Stages are mostly used together with Z Slides (see chapter Z Slides). After connecting an XY Stage with a Z Slide we get the XYZ Manipulator with three degrees of freedom. The XY Stage can be fitted with stepper motors for highest resolution.