As a standard cryostat for the temperature range between 1,2-4,2 K "wide neck"-bath cryostats are manufactured with various neck diameter and capacities, consisting of vacuum chamber, Helium-, and Nitrogen-tank. The System-Cryostat is a matter of a "wide neck" cryostat in module construction, realized with a bottom which is flanged. Thatґs why and because of the compact design the system cryostat is ideal for the mounting of samples directly into the bath or rather for mounting end pieces for optical or magnetic measurements as well as custom-made modules. Further more the system cryostat is used for the integration of KONTI-Cryostats IT with enlarged temperature range of 1,2-325 K (see product index). The cryostats are made of stainless steel, manufactures according to the actual rules and equipped with all required safety installations at the various tanks

Application: measurements in high magnetic fields

  • wide neck bath cryostat with nitrogen shield

  • vacuum tank aluminum, with demountable tail

  • 9 -T solenoid magnet with persistent switch

  • integrated continous flow cryostat, no transfer tube required

  • temperature range 2-325 K

  • temperature stability < 0,1 K

  • sample in He-contact gas area

  • sample tube dia. 34 mm

  • quick and easy sample changes (top loading)

Bath Cryostat Magno 


  • magnet power supply and programmer

  • LHe-level meter

  • sample holder (different models)

  • temperature measurement and control unit

  • He-gas block valve

  • He-vacuum pump

  • HV-vacuum Pump unit

Cryostat insert with magnet disassembled