KONTI-IT-Cryostatsare continous flow cryostats with integrated liquid helium tank. It can be operated either as a bath cryostat or as an evaporator. For most applications, this cryostat type has a central sample chamber, which is accessed from the top „top loading“. In normal operation, the cooling fluid (liquid or gaseous) comes out of the heat exchanger through a sintered diffusor into the sample chamber and floods the sample. This way, the maximum cooling power can be reached, since the sample is located directly in the gas flow. For particular applications requiring the sample to be kept outside the cooling fluid, a separate tube can be used. In this case, the cooling occurs via contact gas (helium). For special cases, were the sample has to remain in vacuum other designs are possible too. These systems can reach temperatures down to 1,2 K. The cryostats are made of stainless steel, manufactured according to the actual rules and equipped with all required safety installations at the various tanks

Application: UV,IR, Raman-Spektroscopy

  • continous flow cryostat with integrated He-Tank

  • no transfer tube necessary

  • temperature range 1,2-325 K>

  • temperature stability < 0,1 K

  • sample in LHe/He-gas area (top loading)

  • sample tube dia. 22 mm (25, 30, 40 mm)

  • capacity LHe-tank 6,7 ltr. - LN2-tank 9 ltr.

  • quick and easy sample changes (in cold condition, too)

  • 1 to 4 windows 90°, bottom window (optional)

  • windows changeable (optical quarz, other materials on request)

Konti-IT-Cryostat-Spektro 4 with X/Y table


  • sample holder (different models)

  • temperature measurement and control unit

  • He-gas block valve

  • He-vacuum pump

  • HV-vacuum pump unit