Temperature Measurement Control Unit TIC 304-MA


Temperature Measurement Control Unit TIC 304-MA
  • Measurement of temperatures in a wide range, especially at low temperatures with temperature dependent sensors, temperature display in Kelvin

  • Control of cryostat temperature, especially KONTI-Cryostats and KONTI-IT Cryostats, other low temperature systems and heater (furnaces) with low power

TIC 304-MA


The temperature measurement and control unit TIC 304-MA provides the possibility, to measure simultaneously with up to 2 different sensors. The temperature is displayed in Kelvin. This requires two different sensor cards, adapted to the sensors by one time data input of the sensor calibration data.
The use of two channels gives the possibility to run either two different sensors in a different temperatures range or e.g. to have one sensor at the heat exchanger and one sensor at the sample. It is possible to choose (and change) one of the two sensors as the control channel.
The accompanying software for Windows provides the possibility to monitor the temperatures, and to controll the temperatures by setting all relevant parameter as well as temperatures ramps in an easy way.
As an option CryoVac provides an automativ valve, controlled by the TIC 304-MA for the gas flow control of a KONTI-Cryostat and different endstage output amplifiers to run heater (furnaces) up to 1 KW. 

Technical Data

Temperature range  0,3 - 1000 K (depending on sensor card)
Mains voltage   230 V / 50 Hz
Mains power requirement   55 VA
Measurement type see input card specification
Measurement resolution 1/100.000
Display LE 4 lines, 20 digit each
Keypad  20 keys
Temperature display  K, 5 digits
Data input  keypad or IEEE-488 Interface
Memory   EE-ROM 8 KB
Max. data storage 100 (per channel)
Frequency 2 MHz
Measurement rate 25 / s
DA converter   12 bit (heater/valve)
AD converter  resolution > 16 bit
Temperature control PID type microprocessor
Max. heater power 60 W (40 V - 1,5 A)