Reflectron CTF10

Reflectron CTF10 Reflectron CTF10
CTF10 tof spectrometer on the right, analyzing chamber with ion source left CTF10 mounted in 19" chassis


  • compact angled reflectron with two-stage ion mirror
  • optimized for very high sensitivity at medium to low mass resolution
  • (folded) field free drift space with overall length 380 mm
  • large two-stage mcp (40 mm diameter) with extended dynamic range
  • two-stage ion source with acceptance volume 25mm X 3mm X 3mm (laser ionisation)
  • the instrument including two 300 l/s turbopumps fits into 19" chassis 220 mm high, 520 mm deep


  • detector behind the ion reflector
  • parallel-wire ion gate to prevent unwanted ionic species from reaching the detector