Agilent 5100 AFM

5100AFMThe Agilent 5100 AFM/SPM microscope is a high-resolution system that provides excellent imaging capabilities in an easy-to-upgrade package. The 5100 offers researchers many of the same features as Agilent’s sophisticated 5500 AFM/SPM microscope at an entry-level price. It is ideal for polymer, general surface characterization and materials applications

The Agilent 5100 AFM/SPM microscope delivers atomic-scale resolution as well as direct video access to the scan area. The 5100 comes with Agilent´s multipurpose scanner, offering a highly versatile system for a diverse set of applications.

Instrument features:

  • Cost-effective, modular solution offers easy upgrade path
  • Nose cones make switching imaging modes quick and simple
  • Open-top scanner design affords easy video access
  • Unobstructed optical view of cantilever facilitates tip-sample alignment