Agilent 5600LS AFM 

5600LS_AFMWhether you work with large or small samples, the Agilent 5600LS large-stage AFM is ready to deliver the atomic-resolution results you need. The modular 5600LS is the world’s finest commercially available AFM system that allows imaging of both large samples (in air) and small samples (in air, or in liquid under temperature control) with a 9μm scanner.

The 5600LS utilizes the largest fully addressable and programmable stage on the market, 200 mm x 200 mm, as well as a low-noise AFM design. Samples up to 8” in diameter and 30mm tall are easily accepted by the 200mm vacuum chuck. The stage accommodates a 300mm wafer with repositioning.

To further expand the application versatility of the 5600LS system, new 300mm x 300mm and multi-sample 2-inch-wafer stages are now available. The 5600LS AFM provides researchers a perfect tool for many nanotechnology applications, including semiconductor, optoelectronics, materials science, and life science studies.

Instrument features:

  • New 300mm x 300mm and multi-sample 2-inch-wafer stages expand application versatility
  • Largest fully addressable and programmable stage on market (200 mm x 200 mm)
  • Special stage adapter allows use of sample plate to image small samples in liquid
  • System provides simple point-and-shoot AFM imaging based on optical view
  • Atomic-resolution imaging of small sample areas via AFM or STM scanners
  • Exclusive SMM mode offers calibrated electrical measurement capabilities