Agilent 6000ILM AFM

6000ILMAFMThe Agilent 6000ILM AFM seamlessly integrates the capabilities of an atomic force microscope (AFM) with those of an inverted light microscope (ILM) or an inverted confocal microscope, letting life science researchers go beyond the optical diffraction limit to achieve nanoscale resolution without special sample preparation. The 6000ILM is now compatible with the Zeiss Axio, Nikon TiE series and the Olympus IX series.

The stable, robust mechanical design of the 6000ILM minimizes nonlinearity and helps ensure high-precision AFM measurements. Powerful yet easy-to-use Agilent software provides impressive built-in system functionality, such as point-and-shoot AFM imaging, automatic photodetector/laser alignment, and the rapid creation of precisely registered overlays of fluorescence/DIC and AFM images.

A brand new top-view video optics package is also available for the system, giving researchers the ability to see opaque samples while scanning. Moreover, specially designed sample plates now offer versatile new incubation and perfusion capabilities as well as the industry’s most precise heating control. And, real-time molecular recognition imaging via Agilent’s exclusive PicoTREC toolkit.

Features and benefits:

  • Incubator perfusion cell sample plate facilitates dynamic studies in liquids and gases
  • Top-view video optics provide ability to see opaque samples while scanning
  • Added flexibility to PicoView for plug-ins & scripting
  • Simple point-and-shoot AFM imaging based on optical view
  • Now compatible with Nikon TiE and Olympus IX Series
  • Motorized stage directs movement of sample beneath AFM tip
  • Computer-controlled laser with automated photodetector alignment