Stamp Manufacturing

Obducat delivers high quality stamps used for pattern replication of features ranging from sub-50 nm up to the micrometer scale. In order to assure contamination free stampers, the production is carried out in a Class 10 clean-room environment. Available stamp materials are Si, Ni and quartz.

Stamp Manufacturing

Proprietary Solutions 

Obducat have technology solutions that encompass both draft angles and smooth sidewalls to minimize the interaction forces between stamp and substrate during separation after the imprint process. This gives the ability to produce high aspect ratio stamps for mass replication with NIL. The Obducat proprietary stamp technology also includes anti-stick solutions for monolayer coating of stampers. This makes demolding easy and the stamp remains clean after each imprint. The anti sticking enhances the durability of the stamp, increasing stamp lifetime and resulting in low stamp cost per imprint.

Applications for Stamp Manufacturing

Obducat produces stamps for a wide range of applications and R&D work, such as:

  • High aspect ratio
  • Interdigitated arrays
  • Lines and spaces
  • Pillar arrays
  • 3D structures
  • Spiral and concentric pattern