Electron Source Power Supply ES40C-PS



The power supply allows fine adjustment of beam energy, density, position on the sample and also beam profile. Advanced scanning features allow for independently controlled scanning range and scanning speed. All settings can be stored and recalled automatically after unit switch on, or else manually adjusted. The unit also features a built in timer and automatic standby mode. The ES40C-PS can be supplied as a full width 19” rack mounting unit (3U height) or free standing.

The unit is also fully software controlled and web-enabled so that it can be operated over any network, including the internet.

Only one communication interface can be chosen at time of order (please refer to table) but this can be easily changed in the future via simple rear panel plugin connection modules, without ever having to access the internals of the unit.


The ES40C-PS power supply is intended to use with the ES40C1 low energy electron source. The power supply allows fine adjustment of the electron beam profile to achieve a small spot at high energy and emission currents. The Electron Source can be used in AES scanning applications, imaging, EELS and electron pulse or desorption experiments.


Full dedicated software application or library module.

Technical data

Supply voltage 110V or 230V, 50/60Hz
specify at order
Beam energy (Ueng) 0 - 5000eV, resolution 1eV, ripple < 200mV
Emission current (Iemis) 1 - 1000μA, resolution 0,1eV, ripple < 200mV
Focus Voltage (Ufoc) 60 - 100% of energy, resolution 0,01%
Wehnelt voltage (Uwehn) 0 - 150V, resolution 0,1V
Beam position (Px,Py) resolution 0,01mm, middle pos 50% ±5mm
Scanning range (Dx, Dy) 10x10mm, resolution 0.01mm
Scanning speed (time/dot) 20μs - 30ms
User Interface Large LCD graphics display. Functions keys and digital encoder
Communication Interface* (option) RS232/485/422, USB, EtherNet/IP, Bluetooth
Dimensions [mm] 483 x 133 x 380 (W x H x D), 19" rack mountable or stand alone
Weight, approx 12 kg

* Only one comms interface can be used at any one time and is chosen at time of order. However, this may be swapped/interchanged with any other comms interface at any future date via simple rear panel plug and play swap, without having to access the internals of the unit.