Flood Source 40A1


Low cost electron flood gun for charge neutralisation of insulators or semiconductors in XPS/AES and SIMS applications. The flood source operates over two energy ranges, is fully software controlled and can also be supplied with custom insertion lengths and shielding materials, e.g. mu-metal, copper.


  • High electrom beam current
  • Selectable energy ranges
  • Stabilised emission
  • Beam profile control
  • Software control (basic version)


  • Software extension – can be integrated with RAPID SE
  • Linear shift


Technical data

Mounting flange: DN 40CF  
Bakeout temperature: 250°C
Water cooling: Not required
Insertion length: min. 145 mm (others on request), OD: 34mm
Energy range: 0.01-10 eV & 10-500 eV
Spot size: 10 mm for distance 30 mm (dependent on working distance)
Cathode type: Thoriated Tungsten
Shield Cooper or mu-metal