Rapid Scientific Environment


Rapid SE is rapid lab environment system builder for scientists offering many of useful features developed especially to meet most of experiment expectations. Software is a core for creating intuitive, robust and reliable platform for data acquisition, controlling complete system, process creating and easy controlling and many more.


  • Real time synchronous data acquisition
  • Fast, real time chart data preview
  • Process automation with safety guard
  • Visual system state presentation
  • Process creation and control
  • Extendable and reconfigurable during runtime (additional modules, connections, data presentations, etc.)
  • Full system control from Graphical User Interface
  • Fully customizable user interface
  • Password protected user profiles
  • Number of configurable working mode (eg. admin, scientist, student)
  • Multi-screen support
  • Graphical system state presentation
  • Full system events log for system maintain and quick problem detection
  • Email or SMS message notification on system events and errors
  • Export collected data to various formats (real time data, archived data)
  • PLC integration (option)

Example of use:

Data acquisition systems (data acquisition, system/devices control, failure detection and log)

  • Deposition systems (complete process and vacuum control, data acquisition, failure detection and log)
  • TDS (Thermal Desorption Spectroscopy Process Control)
  • UMS (Universal Mass Spectrometer)
  • VPC (Vacuum Pressure Control)
  • ASTS (Automation of The Sample Transfer System)
  • Vacuum Conditions Simulators