Recipe Editor


Recipe Editor module is designed to perform technological process base on recipe. It give user possibility to create recurrent process. By using graphical interface user can create list of sequences to execute. This module can control any device that is connected to the UMS. It can also wait during the process for a event from any device (like vacuum level, defined thickness on quartz balance monitor, temperature setpoint). Each sequence line (“program”) executing on the device can has some conditions to check to continue the whole process (like after turning on power supply waiting for stable current). Also emergency recipe is available to configure. If some error appear during the process Recipe Editor can automatically switch to execute “emergency procedure” to prevent damage and/or to switch to save state. Number of recipe, programs and loops inside the Recipe Editor are not limited.

There is also available extension module (“Task Master”) to control full automatically process of transporting samples inside the system and executing recipes inside chambers. Inside this module user can create recipes to make any operation with sample inside different chamber connected to the system. Sample by itself will be transporting between the chambers. User can create different recipes for any of samples available inside the system (depending of capacity of build in storage) and execute whole process on all samples (one by one).