Stepper Motor Shift for Z Slide



The Stepper Motor Shift is used to motorize the Z Slide movement. Motorised Z Slides are normally supplied with microswitch limit stops as standard but can also be operated manually if required.


Motorisation with stepper motors increases resolution and repeatability of the translator movement and makes positioning precise and easy. Motorisation may also be preferred when the travel distance is so large that manual actuation would be time consuming. The motion is fully controlled by PREVAC manipulator control software.

Additional information

The Z Slide Stepper Motor Shift is controlled by the stepper motor driver SMCD20 (see chapter Stepper Motor Control Driver SMCD20) and is designed for easy removal prior to baking.


Technical data

Bakeout temperature Non bakeable
Resolution (manual) 500 μm
Resolution (motorised)

standard 10 μm

(1 μm on request)