Multichamber UHV system [project 080]



Multi-chamber UHV system dedicated to preparation of thin layers and complex analysis of surface solid samples (crystallographic and electron structure) with scanning probe microscopy (SPM, SPS) and other research methods. The MBE chamber is equipped with 7 sources, RHEED and Ion Source. The analysis chamber is equipped with XPS analyser working with X-ray, Ion and Electron Sources.


The system is dedicated for:

• Generating nanostructures, thin layers, magnetic laminar structures and heterostructures (ferromagnetic/ semiconductor) by epitaxial growth

• Advanced research into characteristics of fabricated heterostructures using magnetic, XPS and SPM methods. Characterisation of magnetic thin layers and magnetic solid materials via STM, AFM and magnetic force microscopy (MFM)

• Measurement of surface electron state density of thin layers and magnetic heterostructures

• Analysis of surface electron states by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)