About Prevac

PREVAC founded in Rogow (Upper Silesia, Poland) in 1996 is focused on setting the standarts in precision UHV technology and PREVAC’s logo is recognizable throughout the world as a mark of quality in this field.

Since its foundation PREVAC has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of research equipment from analysis of high and ultra high vacuum applications.

With many years market presence, PREVAC can be proud of some impressive achievements. Products – designed, manufactured and tested in Poland – are currently working all over the world helping leading researchers to achieve their goals.

PREVAC’s greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled, dynamic and ambitious workforce comprising the best specialists, who are characterized by openness to innovation, initiative and creativity.



Advanced, multi-technique systems for UHV surface science

Comprehensive UHV instruments for research


 Компания PREVAC описание  Компания PREVAC описание  Компания PREVAC описание
  • Thermal Desorption Spectrometer TDS 40A1
  • Z Slide
  • Stepper Motor Shift for Z Slide
  • Motorised Rotation Module R2
  • R1 axis manipulator
  • Standard Linear Shift
  • High Stability Linear Shift
  • Rotary Feedthrough 90
  • Rotary Feedthrough 360
  • Linear Feedthrough
  • Differently Pumped Rotary Feedthrough
  • Linear Shift with Tilt
  • Motorised Third Rotation Module R3
  • Motorised Rotation Module - In Line Solution
  • XY Stage
  • Stepper Motor Shift for XY Stages
  • Goniometer
  • 2 axes deposition manipulator
  • XYZ Manipulator
  • XYZ Mini Manipulator
  • 4 axes manipulator
  • 5 axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator
  • 5 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator
  • 5 Axes Manipulator
  • 6 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator
  • 6 Axes Manipulator
  • Wobble Stick with Rotating Tip
  • Wobble Stick with Parallel Mobile Tip
  • Wobble Stick with Gripping and Rotating Tip
  • Wobble Stick with Gripping Arms
  • Wobble Stick with CleaverX-ray Source 40B1
  • X-ray Source 40B1
  • UV Source 40A2
  • Ion Source 40E1
  • Ion Source 40C1
  • Electron Source 40C1
  • Flood Source 40A1
  • Electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1
  • Effusion Cell EF 40C1
  • Quartz Balance QO 40A1
  • Analytical Chambers
  • Cleaver Chambers
  • Flow Through High Pressure Reactors
  • Static High Pressure Reactors
  • Infrared Chambers
  • Linear transfers
  • Load Lock Chambers
  • Preparation Chambers
  • Radial Distribution Chambers (UFO)
  • Reorientation Chambers
  • Storage Chambers
  • Transport Boxes

Wide range of sample holders with many different material options and with heating and cooling capability





Компания PREVAC описание
Компания PREVAC описание
Компания PREVAC описание
Компания PREVAC описание Компания PREVAC описание

  • PTS STANDARD sample holder
  • PTS POWDER sample holder
  • PTS BASE CONTAINER sample holder
  • PTS 1000 RES C K sample holder
  • PTS 1000 RES C WITH EXTRA CONTACT sample holder
  • PTS 1200 EB C K Mo sample holder
  • PTS 2000 EB C C sample holder
  • PTS 1200 DIR C K sample holder
  • PTS 650 100 HPC RES C K RG sample holder
  • PTS 700 80 HPC RES C K RG PS sample holder
  • PTS CLEAV RES C K sample holder
  • PTS CLEAV sample holder
  • PTS 1000 IR RES C K sample holder
  • PTS 1000 OMC RES C K sample holder
  • PTS 1400 OMC EB C K sample holder
  • PTS 1200 RHK EB C K sample holder
  • PTS SPM DIR C K sample holder
  • PTS SPM CLEAV sample holder
  • PTS SPM 2000 EB C C sample holder
  • PTS QUARTZ sample holder
  • PTS FARA sample holder
  • MINI PTS sample holder
  • PTS 200 RES sample holde
  • Ion Source Power Supply IS40C-PS
  • Bakeout Control Unit BCU14
  • Ion Source Power Supply IS40E-PS
  • Titanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply TSP02-PS
  • Electron Beam Evaporator Power Supply EBV40A-PS
  • Electron Source Power Supply ES40C-PS
  • Flood Source Power Supply FS40A-PS
  • X-Ray Source Electronics XR40B
  • UV Source Power Supply UV40A-PS
  • Heating Power Supply HEAT3-PS
  • Multi Gauge Controller MG12
  • Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG13
  • Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13
  • Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG14
  • Thickness Monitors TM13 TM14
  • Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD10
  • Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD20
  • Vacuum Chamber Highlight VCH-10
  • Rapid Scientific Environment
  • Recipe Editor
  • Chart 2D
  • ION Source Control
  • Flood Source Control
  • X-Ray Source Control
  • UV Source Control
  • Electron Source Control
  • Heating Temperature Controller
  • Multi-Gauge Control
  • Electron Beam Evaporator Control
  • Residual Gas Analyzer
  • Multiaxes Manipulator Control Application
  • Quartz Balance Control Application
  • Bakeout Control
  • PCU Control
  • Heater Power Supply Control
  • Titanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) Control
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  • Thermal Desorption Spectrometer