| 2_axes_deposition_manipulator2 axes deposition manipulator

| 5_axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator_closed5 axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (closed cycle, 20K)

| 5_Axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator_open5 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (open cycle, 4.8K) [project 330]

| 5_Axes_Manipulator5 Axes Manipulator [project 359]

| 6_Axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator6 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (open cycle, 7K) [project 338]

| Bakeout_Control_Unit_BCU14Bakeout Control Unit BCU14

| Differently_Pumped_Rotary_FeedthroughDifferently Pumped Rotary Feedthrough

| Electron_Beam_Evaporator_ControlElectron Beam Evaporator Control

| Electron_beam_evaporator_EBV_40A1Electron beam evaporator EBV 40A1

| Electron_Beam_Evaporator_Power_Supply_EBV40A-PSElectron Beam Evaporator Power Supply EBV40A-PS

| Electron_Source_Power_Supply_ES40C-PSElectron Source Power Supply ES40C-PS

| Flood_Source_Power_Supply_FS40A-PSFlood Source Power Supply FS40A-PS

| Flow_Through_High_Pressure_ReactorsFlow Through High Pressure Reactors

| Heater_Power_Supply_ControlHeater Power Supply Control

| Heating_Power_Supply_HEAT3-PSHeating Power Supply HEAT3-PS

| Heating_Temperature_ControllerHeating & Temperature Controller

| High_Stability_Linear_ShiftHigh Stability Linear Shift

| Ion_Multi_Gauge_Controller_MG13Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG13

| Ion_Multi_Gauge_Controller_MG14Ion Multi Gauge Controller MG14

| Ion_Source_Power_Supply_IS40C-PSIon Source Power Supply IS40C-PS

| Ion_Source_Power_Supply_IS40E-PSIon Source Power Supply IS40E-PS

| Motorised_Rotation_Module_-_In_Line_SolutionMotorised Rotation Module - In Line Solution

| Motorised_Rotation_Module_R2Motorised Rotation Module R2

| Motorised_Third_Rotation_Module_R3Motorised Third Rotation Module R3

| Multiaxes_Manipulator_Control_ApplicationMultiaxes Manipulator Control Application

| Multi_Gauge_Controller_MG12Multi Gauge Controller MG12

| Power_Control_Unit_PCU16Power Control Unit PCU16

| Prevac_UMSThe device is equally suited for use in scientific and industrial fields. It can be used for gas analysis and thermal dysorption experiments.

| PTS_1000_IR_RES_C_K_sample_holderPTS 1000 IR RES/C-K sample holder

| PTS_1000_OMC_RES_C_K_sample_holderPTS 1000 OMC RES/C-K sample holder

| PTS_1000_RES_C_K_sample_holderPTS 1000 RES/C-K sample holder

| PTS_1200_RHK_EB_C_K_sample_holderPTS 1200 RHK EB/C-K sample holder

| PTS_1400_OMC_EB_C_K_sample_holderPTS 1400 OMC EB/C-K sample holder

| PTS_200_RES_sample_holderPTS 200 RES sample holder

| PTS_BASE_CONTAINER_sample_holderPTS BASE CONTAINER sample holder

| PTS_CLEAV_RES_C_K_sample_holderPTS CLEAV RES/C-K sample holder


| PTS_POWDER_sample_holderPTS POWDER sample holder

| PTS_QUARTZ_sample_holderPTS QUARTZ sample holder

| PTS_SPM_2000_EB_C_C_sample_holderPTS SPM 2000 EB/C-C sample holder

| PTS_SPM_CLEAV_sample_holderPTS SPM CLEAV sample holder

| PTS_SPM_DIR_C_K_sample_holderPTS SPM DIR/C-K sample holder

| PTS_STANDARD_sample_holderPTS STANDARD sample holder

| PV010A custom multi-chamber UHV system for the investigation of physical and chemical properties of novel catalyst materials.

| PV014A custom multichamber UHV system for the preparation and investigation of organic films (OLEDs).

| PV022Custom multi-chamber UHV system for the analysis of atomic and electronic surface structure, in­vestigation and preparation of complex epitaxial me­tallic or molecular films on surfaces and chemical analysis of interfaces in multilayer film samples.

| PV042The ARPES system is a customised multi-chamber UHV sys­tem for the investigation of physical properties (electronic band structure) of high temperature super­conductors.

| PV052System designed for studies of thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformation.

| PV053Customized multi chamber UHV system dedicated for investigation of the chemical and physical properties of solid state surfaces in wide temperature and pressure ranges.

| PV063Ultra high vacuum system for investigation of surface conditions of samples under controlled conditions.

| PV072A system designed for ARPES research

| PV075A system designed for IR measurements.

| PV080Multichamber UHV system dedicated to preparation of thin layers and complex analysis of surface solid samples with scanning probe microscopy and other research methods.

| PV090This multifunctional system is designed for precise and varied analysis of material surfaces.

| PV092Multichamber UHV system dedicated to surface analysis of solid and powder samples by electron spectroscopy techniques.

| PV093Multifunctional UHV system for range of studies.

| PV097Multichamber UHV system dedicated to surface analysis of solid and powder samples by electron spectroscopy techniques.

| PV128The magnetron sputtering system is dedicated to accurate and reproducible thin film layer deposition.

| Quartz_Balance_Control_ApplicationQuartz Balance Control Application

| Radial_Distribution_Chambers_(UFO)Radial Distribution Chambers (UFO)

| Rapid_Scientific_EnvironmentRapid Scientific Environment

| Static_High_Pressure_ReactorsStatic High Pressure Reactors

| Stepper_Motor_Control_Device_SMCD10Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD10

| Stepper_Motor_Control_Device_SMCD20Stepper Motor Control Device SMCD20

| Stepper_Motor_Shift_for_XY_StagesStepper Motor Shift for XY Stages

| Stepper_Motor_Shift_for_Z_SlideStepper Motor Shift for Z Slide

| STSThe Vacuum Pumping System STS is a complex portable device for vacuum generation with TMP, which consists of an electronic control panel with LCD graphic display and built-in vacuum devices

| Thermal_Desorption_SpectrometerThermal Desorption Spectrometer

| Thermal_Desorption_Spectrometer_TDS_40A1Thermal Desorption Spectrometer TDS 40A1

| Thickness_Monitors_Controller_TMC-13Thickness Monitors Controller TMC-13

| Thickness_Monitors_TM13_TM14Thickness Monitors TM13 & TM14

| Titanium_Sublimation_Pump_(TSP)_ControlTitanium Sublimation Pump (TSP) Control

| Titanium_Sublimation_Pump_Power_Supply_TSP02-PSTitanium Sublimation Pump Power Supply TSP02-PS

| UV_Source_Power_Supply_UV40A-PSUV Source Power Supply UV40A-PS

| Vacuum_Chamber_Highlight_VCH-10Vacuum Chamber Highlight VCH-10

| Wobble_Stick_with_CleaverWobble Stick with Cleaver

| Wobble_Stick_with_Gripping_and_Rotating_TipWobble Stick with Gripping and Rotating Tip

| Wobble_Stick_with_Gripping_ArmsWobble Stick with Gripping Arms

| Wobble_Stick_with_Parallel_Mobile_TipWobble Stick with Parallel Mobile Tip

| Wobble_Stick_with_Rotating_TipWobble Stick with Rotating Tip

| X-Ray_Source_Electronics_XR40BX-Ray Source Electronics XR40B

| XY_stageThe XY Stage is a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X and Y motions. The standard mounting flange is DN 160CF. A DN 100CF mounting flange version is also available. The translator can work in any orientation