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Comprehensive UHV instruments for research

Prevac | 5_axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator_closed5 axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (closed cycle, 20K)

Prevac | 5_Axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator_open5 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (open cycle, 4.8K) [project 330]

Prevac | 5_Axes_Manipulator5 Axes Manipulator [project 359]

Prevac | 6_Axes_LHe_Cryostat_Manipulator6 Axes LHe Cryostat Manipulator (open cycle, 7K) [project 338]

Prevac | Differently_Pumped_Rotary_FeedthroughDifferently Pumped Rotary Feedthrough

Prevac | Motorised_Rotation_Module_-_In_Line_SolutionMotorised Rotation Module - In Line Solution

Prevac | Motorised_Third_Rotation_Module_R3Motorised Third Rotation Module R3

Prevac | Stepper_Motor_Shift_for_XY_StagesStepper Motor Shift for XY Stages

Prevac | Wobble_Stick_with_Gripping_and_Rotating_TipWobble Stick with Gripping and Rotating Tip

Prevac | Wobble_Stick_with_Parallel_Mobile_TipWobble Stick with Parallel Mobile Tip

Prevac | XY_stageThe XY Stage is a precision, high rigidity UHV specimen translator having X and Y motions. The standard mounting flange is DN 160CF. A DN 100CF mounting flange version is also available. The translator can work in any orientation